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Winter Covers

Winter Covers

Winter covers for aboveground swimming pools are designed to reduce the wear and tear from winter weather on your swimming pool and liner.

Solid winter pool covers also keep unwanted dirt, debris, and leaves from getting into your pool  and help keep the clean up and chemical cost in the spring to a minimum.

Winter pool covers are made of a triple laminated polyethylene that is designed to stand up to the heaviest snow loads and worst winter weather.

This material allows the winter swimming pool covers to be strong but also lightweight which makes installation, removal, and storage easy.

The seams are reinforced and the edges are double folded which adds to the strength of the cover.

There are three different qualities of solid winter covers available for both aboveground and inground pools in round, oval, and rectangular sizes.

* Round and Oval sizes have grommets every 2 feet and include an aircraft quality cable and winch to secure the cover from wind and are cut 4' larger than pool size.

* Rectangle covers have anchoring loops every 3 feet to help hold water bags in place (water bags not included) and are cut 5' larger than pool size.                                                              

(These winter covers are not designed for use on Intex or East Set type pools)

Good Quality Better Quality Best Quality
Winter Covers - Blue
- 6 Year Warranty
- 5x5 Scrim per square inch 
- 12 Year Warranty
- 10x10 Scrim per square inch
- 15 Year Warranty
- 10x10 Scrim per square inch
(Made in USA)

Leaf Net Covers

Leaf Net CoverWith the addition of a Leaf Net Cover to any winter pool cover - opening your pool in spring will be a breeze.

The Leaf Net Cover is designed to lay on top of your existing winter cover and to catch leaves and any other debris that may fall onto your pool.

In the spring simply take the Leaf Net Cover off before removing your winter cover - allowing you to remove all of the bigger debris before it has a chance to fall into your pool.

Leaf Net CoverThe cover is made from very durable knitted polyethylene and is designed to stretch allowing the cover to hold leaves and other debris.

Above Ground Leaf Net Covers come with reinforced fastening loops, wire cable, and a metal winch for securing the cover to the pool.

The Leaf Net Cover is a must have for any pool owners that have trees or wooded areas near their pool.

Leaf Net Cover

Size Blue Winter Covers
(Good Quality)
Green Winter Covers
(Better Quality)
Tan Winter Covers
(Best Quality)
Leaf Net Covers
15' Round 15' Round Winter Cover, Blue
15' Round Winter Cover, Green
15' Round Winter Cover, Tan
15' Round Leaf Net Cover
18' Round 18' Round Winter Cover, Blue
18' Round Winter Cover, Green
18' Round Winter Cover, Tan
18' Round Leaf Net Cover
21' Round 21' Round Winter Cover, Blue
21' Round Winter Cover, Green
21' Round Winter Cover, Tan
21' Round Leaf Net Cover
24' Round 24' Round Winter Cover, Blue
24' Round Winter Cover, Green
24' Round Winter Cover, Tan
24' Round Leaf Net Cover
28' Round 28' Round Winter Cover, Blue
28' Round Winter Cover, Green
28' Round Winter Cover, Tan
28' Round Leaf Net Cover
30' Round 30' Round Winter Cover, Blue
30' Round Winter Cover, Green
30' Round Winter Cover, Tan
30' Round Leaf Net Cover
12'x18' Oval 12'x18' Oval Winter Cover, Blue
12'x18' Oval Winter Cover, Green
Not Available Not Available
12'x24' Oval 12'x24' Oval Winter Cover, Blue
12'x24' Oval Winter Cover, Green
12'x24' Oval Winter Cover, Tan
12'x24' Oval Leaf Net Cover
15'x30' Oval 15'x30' Oval Winter Cover, Blue
15'x30' Oval Winter Cover, Green
15'x30' Oval Winter Cover, Tan
Not Available
16'x32' Oval 16'x32' Oval Winter Cover, Blue
16'x32' Oval Winter Cover, Green
16'x32' Oval Winter Cover, Tan
16'x32' Oval Leaf Net Cover
18'x33' Oval 18'x33' Oval Winter Cover, Blue
18'x33' Oval Winter Cover, Green
18'x33' Oval Winter Cover, Tan
18'x33' Oval Leaf Net Cover
12'x20' Rect 12'x20' Rectangular Winter Cover, Blue
12'x20' Rectangular Winter Cover, Green
12'x20' Rectangular Winter Cover, Tan
Not Available
12'x24' Rect 12'x24' Rectangular Winter Cover, Blue
12'x24' Rectangular Winter Cover, Green
12'x24' Rectangular Winter Cover, Tan
12'x24' Rectangle Leaf Net Cover
16'x24' Rect 16'x24' Rectangular Winter Cover, Blue
16'x24' Rectangular Winter Cover, Green
16'x24' Rectangular Winter Cover, Tan
16'x24' Rectangle Leaf Net Cover
16'x32' Rect 16'x32' Rectangular Winter Cover, Blue
16'x32' Rectangular Winter Cover, Green
16'x32' Rectangular Winter Cover, Tan
16'x32' Rectangle Leaf Net Cover
18'x36' Rect 18'x36' Rectangular Winter Cover, Blue
18'x36' Rectangular Winter Cover, Green
18'x36' Rectangular Winter Cover, Tan
18'x36' Rectangle Leaf Net Cover
20'x40' Rect 20'x40' Rectangular Winter Cover, Blue
20'x40' Rectangular Winter Cover, Green
20'x40' Rectangular Winter Cover, Tan
20'x40' Rectangle Leaf Net Cover
25'x45' Rect 25'x45' Rectangular Winter Cover, Blue
25'x45' Rectangular Winter Cover, Green
25'x45' Rectangular Winter Cover, Tan
Not Available

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