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Fireplace Replacement Doors for Masonry Fireplaces

Masonry Fireplaces are one of the most enduring and desirable elements of the American home. A warm hearth draws the family together, evoking memories of days gone by when the fireplace was the heart of the home; the cooking center and the main source of heat. Today, masonry fireplaces take many forms, limited only by the skill and imagination of the mason and/or the architect. From neat brick fireplaces in the Colonial style ~ to dramatic soaring walls of stone ~ to modern glass blocks ~ and everything in-between, fireplaces define your home. Enhance the beauty and functionality of any fireplace design, and increase safety and efficiency with the installation of a quality Stoll fireplace glass door.

Beauty: Stoll offers fireplace glass doors in a broad selection of styles and finishes to accent your fireplace and fit your decor. Designs range from simple to ornate; antique to modern. Select from a palette of colors and metal finishes in endless combinations. Optional Stoll decorative design elements add interest and dimension to personalize your door. Or, have our artisans incorporate a unique design of your own creation.

Safety: Stoll fireplace doors are fitted with high quality 1/4” tempered glass and safety screens. Tight fitting custom quality screens, mounted securely to the fireplace face, contain sparks much better than decorative screens. Our custom cabinet style screens are especially sturdy due to a “clamshell” design, with the tightly woven, heavy gauge wire mesh welded between two steel frames. The glass doors add an impenetrable barrier to sparks and heat loss once they are closed to contain a dying fire.

Energy: Properly designed fireplaces naturally draw air from the home to vent smoke. Even when the fire is not burning, warm room air, created at your expense by your heating system, escapes up the flue. Properly installed glass doors can reduce air flow through the fireplace opening up to 99%. Stoll also offers doors with gasket seals to prevent cold air infiltration down the flue in tightly insulated homes.


Original Collection

Stoll’s Original Collection is constructed using time-proven main frame designs we have used for 40 years. The 14 gauge frame members of the Traditional door can be made in any width to match the scale of your fireplace. The heavyweight channel frames of the Traditional Iron door provide extra strength and rigidity that ensures smooth operation of doors and screens, especially on large doors. All of our glass doors are trackless, allowing them to fold back unobtrusively against the fireplace and make cleaning quick and easy.

Original Fireplace DoorsOriginal Fireplace Doors

Glass doors are framed with 1” x 3/16” steel that can be finished to match or contrast the main frame. Doors are available in Cabinet or Bifold style; fully framed or with the center left clear. Traditional Filigree: Adds decorative filigree overlay to top and/or bottom of the Traditional door.

Original Iron Fireplace DoorsOriginal Iron Fireplace Doors

The heavyweight champion! The Original Iron frame is crafted of 10 gauge channel iron with a more robust 1” profile. Even the largest doors will remain true on this exceptionally rigid frame.

TotalView Fireplace DoorsTotalView Fireplace Doors

Frameless TotalView glass doors are an elegant option to our Traditional style. TotalView style doors are available in Cabinet or Bifold style and an option for any Stoll frame type.


Bar Iron Collection

The Bar Iron Collection includes custom fireplace doors for arch, rectangle, and unusually large fireplace openings. The heavy iron frames provide additional strength and durability with a very trim 3/16” frame profile.

The bar iron material allows Stoll to take full advantage of Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) & the latest laser cutting technology. Custom tailored door frames can fit virtually any size or shape fireplace and incorporate special decorative elements into the frame. Traditional and TotalView door styles are available in either Cabinet or Bifold design. 

All Stoll fireplace doors are customizable, yet the frame and construction features of Bar Iron doors allow for almost limitless customization. The main frame, door frames and decorative designs can all be customized to your personal design tastes.  Your custom fireplace door will perfectly accent the fireplace, provide a layer of safety, and make your fireplace much more efficient.

Manhattan DoorManhattan Fireplace Door

The Manhattan door is the perfect compliment to any clean and modern room. It is remarkably simple with hidden hardware and hinges. Custom made to fit any fireplace and available in an of our finishes.

Columbia Fireplace DoorsColumbia Fireplace Door

The Columbia door in the Bar Iron Collection is a standard size Bar Iron Door. This means you get the strength and texture of a Bar Iron door with 2-3 week lead time. Get the same customization features as a custom door.

Rectangle Fireplace DoorsRectangle Fireplace Door

The Rectangle door in the Bar Iron Collection is the ultimate custom fireplace door. The sky is the limit in our customization capabilities; if you have a vision, we can build it. 

Inset Fireplace DoorInset Fireplace Door

The door frames are recessed into the bar iron main frame using European style hinges to create a flush custom cabinet appearance. This provides a very clean and seamless feel to the overall atmosphere of the fireplace.

Plated Fireplace DoorsPlated Fireplace Door

Main frames and/or door frames can be electroplated in the finish of your choice. The result is a seamless finish in brass, copper, or nickel with the low maintenance qualities and strength of steel. Plated finishes are rock solid, and exude class unparralelled by any other finish.

Arch Fireplace DoorsArch Fireplace Door

Arched fireplaces vary greatly in shape and design. Stoll accurately replicates the shape of the fireplace using a templating process and CAD controlled laser cutting to ensure a precise fit. Stoll's lintels/mortar frames are an excellent way to help build or refinish a fireplace with an arch opening.

Arch Conversion Fireplace DoorsArch Conversion Fireplace Door

The unique feature of this fireplace door is that it creates the illusion of an arched fireplace in your rectangular fireplace opening. Installing this custom fireplace door can give your whole fireplace a new, improved appearance.

Sidelight & Transom Fireplace DoorsSidelight & Transom Fireplace Door

Glass-backed sidelights and transoms add additional detail and interest. They also work very well with large fireplace openings where the doors are reduced in size for ease of handling. Custom designs and text can be laser-cut into the main frame for the ultimate in personalization.


Craftsman Collection

The Craftsmen Collection of enclosures gives our artisans an opportunity to show their skill and creativity. The goal is to capture the charm and style of metal work created in the days of the blacksmith’s forge while taking full advantage of the quality and precision produced by high-tech laser cutting machinery. Choose from a variety of hammered, distressed, and embellished designs to complement your hearth. The result will be a beautiful fireplace that looks like it has been handed down through generations.

Custom: The frame and construction features of Bar Iron doors allows for almost limitless customization. The main frame, door frames and decorative designs can all be customized to your personal design tastes.

Old World Fireplace DoorsOld World Fireplace Doors

This new creation from Stoll is a wonderful addition to a period home or rustic hearth. The design uses hammer distressed metal work and riveted corner brackets to replicate the look of metalwork crafted at the forge and anvil.

Forged Iron Fireplace DoorsForged Iron Fireplace Doors

The metal is distressed in a hand forged process to produce a deeply dimpled and scarred surface reminiscent of hand-wrought metal. Add strap hinges and handles to create a colonial masterpiece.

Aged Iron Fireplace DoorsAged Iron Fireplace Doors

The aged iron effect is created with a two-step hand finishing process. The result is a beautiful patina that replicates the appearance of age and wear associated with years and years of use.

Blacksmith Fireplace DoorsBlacksmith Fireplace Doors

The Stoll Blacksmith style adds detail and ornamentation to your fireplace. Individual elements can be removed to suit your taste. The frame is specially designed to convert rectangular openings to the look of an arched fireplace in one step.


Legacy Collection

The Legacy Collection of glass doors is a brand new line that showcases Stoll innovation and design. Extruded Aluminum fireplace doors have been around for ages, however, nobody else has the unique designs and industry leading features like Stoll.
Features like extrusions that are thicker than competitors, dual corner-key construction, all-in-one mounting system, positive-catch door latches, custom, slimline hinges that allow doors to open 180 degrees, etc. make the Stoll Legacy Collection undoubtly the best extruded aluminum door to own.

Huntington Fireplace DoorsHuntington Fireplace Doors

The Huntington slim and sleek rectangular frame is well suited for smooth facias such as marble, tile & granite, creating the perfect minimalist accent.

Lancaster Fireplace DoorsLancaster Fireplace Doors

The beveled frame of the Lancaster offers classic styling with an updated flair; making a bold statement that will highlight your fireplace perfectly.

Coronado Fireplace DoorsCoronado Fireplace Doors

The deep double radius frame of the Coronado creates a unique 3D appearance that brings life to each and every fireplace setting it graces.

Stockton Fireplace DoorsStockton Fireplace Doors

The Stockton smooth radius frame establishes an understated elegance; simple design details create a quiet and subtle accent for any decor.


Outdoor Collection

Outdoor rooms are extremely popular and a fireplace is often the key element in the design. Outdoor fireplaces present unique challenges however. Enclosures and screens for outdoor use must be weather resistant. Stoll uses premium stainless steel or extruded aluminum in their fireplace enclosures for outdoor use. Stainless Steel and Aluminum enclosures are also frequently finding their way indoors. These durable materials are especially suited to coastal regions exposed to salt air, or anywhere damp conditions prevail. But it may be that the unique appeal of stainless steel or molded aluminum best suit a designer’s requirements.

Stainless Steel Fireplace DoorsStainless Steel Fireplace Doors

Stoll stainless steel enclosures are the ultimate outdoor fireplace furnishing. Solid 3/16” type 304 stainless steel frames, stainless steel screens, and stainless steel mounting hardware provide superior weather resistance. A Stainless Steel ReFace is an excellent choice for a manufactured firebox. Hanging Mesh is available for glass fireplace doors.

Premier Extruded Fireplace DoorsPremier Extruded Fireplace Doors

Classic molded contours and mitered corners create the perfect frame for your fireplace. The main frame and door frames are constructed of thick aluminum extrusions made to Stoll’s specifications which creates exceptional strength, durability, and weather resistance.

Bar Aluminum Fireplace DoorsBar Aluminum Fireplace Doors

This door is constructed of 3/16" bar aluminum, similar in dimensions to our Stainless Steel or Bar Iron doors. The door frames are constructed of extruded aluminum similar to the door frames of the Premier Extruded doors.


Essential Collection

Stoll Essentials were designed to fill the needs of the home owner on a budget or those just looking for an excellent value. Doors and screens feature Stoll’s heavyweight 14 gauge welded frames for strength and durability. Glass doors use high quality tempered glass to seal out drafts and retain valuable heat in the home. The Philadelphia and Trenton doors come in a variety of standard sizes to fit a wide range of rectangular fireplaces.

Mesh doors are an excellent choice when you like to hear the crackling of the fire and still be protected from flying sparks.

Kingston Fireplace DoorsKingston Fireplace Doors

The Kingston is a custom fireplace door with a slim 1" frame width, hidden hinges and Kingston handles. Choose from four power coat and four overlay finishes. Hanging Mesh w/ Curtain Rod is optional.

Philadelphia Fireplace DoorsPhiladelphia Fireplace Doors

Enclosures feature 3” x 1” frames available in 7 standard sizes. Choose from three
powder coat finishes. Clear Glass & Slotted Damper are standard, Hanging Mesh is optional.

Trenton Fireplace DoorsTrenton Fireplace Doors

Featuring a slimmer 5/8” frame profile, Trenton doors are available in 9 standard sizes.
Choose from six power coat finishes. Hidden damper is standard. Hanging mesh & Filigree are optional.

Mesh Fireplace DoorsMesh Fireplace Doors

Homeowners who live in warmer climates often opt for a screen for spark protection rather than glass doors. Stoll offers three mesh options, Hanging Mesh Kit, Standard Mesh & Traditional Mesh.

Hanging Mesh Kit Fireplace DoorsHanging Mesh Kit Fireplace Doors

Childhood memories of sitting around grandma’s fireplace come back to life with the classic look of hanging mesh. Restore your fireplace with our new Hanging Mesh Kit which comes complete with header bar, curtain rod and 19 gauge hanging mesh with wire pulls.



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