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Inground Pool Safety Fences

Recreational Warehouse is an authorized All-Safe distributor

Removable inground pool safety fencing is a comprehensive solution for ensuring the safety of your family, including children and pets. Inground pool safety fences can be configured in a way to encircle your pool, or provide a barrier between your pool and your home. Inground pool safety fences are resistant to climbing and can be installed permanently or installed in a way where it can be removed. For storage, you can roll up the inground pool safety fence for easy and convenient storage.


Inground Pool Safety Fences Feature

All-Safe inground pool safety fences include many features such as self-closing pool fence gates, 90° corner posts, rectangular terminating posts, and can be customized to fit any pool. Mesh swimming pool fencing is also available in black or brown and will look great for years to come with our weather-resistant paint.

  • 1 inch marine grade aluminum poles
  • durable powder coating using 8 stage process
  • color options including black or brown
  • transparent vinyl coated polyester mesh
  • 100% polyester bonded monofilament thread
  • PVC coated polyester border
  • triple or quadruple stitched border
  • self-closing gate for easy access
  • self-latching, key-lockable gate latch
  • tension adjustable gate hinges
  • 4 or 5 foot heights (custom heights available)
  • 36 inch pole spacing (custom widths available)
  • 15 foot section lengths (custom lengths available)


All Safe Fence Installs in Western New York

Inground Pool Safety Fences
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Color Options

All-Safe® inground pool safety fences are available in black or brown to compliment any backyard. Inground pool fences provide you not only with peace of mind and safety, but a beautiful product as well. All-Safe’s pool fence gates are available in black or brown as well.

Removable inground pool safety fences shown below are All-Safe’s Classic style, which is available in black or brown.




PaintA good paint job always starts with a good primer.

All-Safe® understands our pool fences need to look their best for years to come. A polyester finish coat is applied over an epoxy primer. The epoxy primer ensures an extremely strong bond between the aluminum and the finish coat of our pool fences.

Most manufacturers skip this important step, resulting in easily chipped paint and scratches, which affects the overall look of the pool safety fence. Our removable pool fences are available in black or brown, both of which feature this weather-resistant process.


image/jpegGates are Self-Closing

All-Safe® pool fences have removable fence gates that close themselves. Our inground pool fence gates are key-lockable and allow easy adult access thru the pool fence. All-Safe® fences and self-closing gates are easily stored if you need to temporarily take down your removable pool fence.






Corner Posts

image/jpegOne of the biggest challenges with inground pool safety covers is accommodating sharp turns. Posts tend to flex and bow under tension when used at a corner or sharp turn. The use of double pole corners, also known as square corner posts, ensures that the mesh fence will keep it's integrity and will not wrinkle.

Rectangular Posts

Ideally, an All-Safe® child safety fence for inground pools completely encloses your swimming pool. However, sometimes enclosing the entire inground swimming pool is not possible or practical. In these situations, inground pool safety fences can be attached to existing structures such as walls or fences if the existing structure is solid and stable.

If the existing structure is not stable, or drilling into the structure is not desirable, then a rectangular All-Safe® terminating post can be used. Rectangular terminating posts are strong rigid posts that support the tension of the child safety fence without attaching to the existing structure. Rectangular terminating posts are fully removable.

The following is a list of structures where an All-Safe® rectangular terminating post should be considered rather than a traditional wall attachment when installing a pool safety fence: vinyl fences, glass fences, stucco walls, wrought iron fences, unstable wood fences, granite, slate, vinyl siding, chain link fencing and stone veneer.

Rectangular Posts


Terminating Posts

Inground pool safety fences are typically attached to an existing structure, such as a block wall. Round terminating posts can be used with dirt planters for situations where an existing structure is not available or is inadequate. Terminating posts are available in both removable and non-removable configuration, depending on your installation needs.

Round Terminating Posts


Customized Configuration

Custom ConfigurationsAll-Safe® swimming pool fences are customized to adapt to almost any pool configuration. Installation of inground pool safety fences with multiple levels can be accommodated with raised, angled pool fence panels and step poles, while still maintaining a safe barrier to your pool.

Inground swimming pool safety fences feature a chip-resistant paint to help keep your customized pool fence looking great for years to come.


Storing Your Fence

Fence StorageAll-Safe® inground swimming pool fences can be taken down and rolled up for easy storage.


Angled Raised Panels

Angled raised panels are typically used when the change in elevation of the swimming pool fence is greater than 6 inches. All-Safe® angled raised panels help to deter young children from standing on the higher elevation and climbing over the fence located on the lower elevation.

In addition to the added safety, angled raised panels create a custom look for our pool fencing. The top of the angled raised panel is even with the fence located on the higher elevation and the lower portion of the angled raised panel matches up with the fence located on the lower elevation, which is much more aesthetically pleasing.

All-Safe’s angled raised panels are an available option with our pool fences.

Surround your pool with a safe, strong, transparent fence that's climb resistant and removable in minutes.
Mesh fence rolls up for easy storage

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