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Game Tables Buffalo NY


A Variety of Game Tables

A home game room continues to bring people together in a fun and positive way so if you're looking for new games and activities to keep your friends and family entertained look no further than Recreational Warehouse. We have a wide selection of pool tables and game tables, including air hockey, foosball, ping pong, electronic darts and arcade games that will keep everyone of all ages entertained. We also offer a variety of accessories to go with them. With over 49 years of experience, our team will help you find exactly what you're looking for while staying within in your budget.

With factory trained sales & installation staff, Recreational Warehouse is the choice for your game room desires! Stop in today to see us!

Professional assembly and delivery available On all Pool Table & Game Tables
(Niagara and Erie Counties).


table games buffalo

Check out Recreational Warehouse's wide selection of home game room options including:

Pool Tables

Pool Tables, Buffalo

Plank & Hide also employs another time-tested manufacturing process called the Triple Anchor Gusset system (T.A.G.). The T.A.G. system ensures your table will remain square and level for many years of family enjoyment.

They build in even more support by installing twin one-piece center beams to ensure that this cabinetry stays square and true forever. In addition they interlock these cross-laminated beams and mortise them into all four cabinet sidewalls to prevent any cabinet warping or twisting.

The end result is a billiard table that is as strong as it is beautiful and will last for generations.


Plank & Hide has been handcrafting heirloom quality billiard tables for close to 20 years.

Over the past two decades, they've worked tirelessly to perfect the construction quality of Plank & Hide pieces, doing away with block and bolt construction in favor of the very same 100% wood joinery techniques used in the some of the world's finest handcrafted furniture.

In order to ensure that the dynamics of design are not compromised during assembly, absolutely no table weight is ever supported by hardware.

Artisans craft each table "the old fashioned way," employing only time-tested wood joinery methods throughout the construction process.

Because of their dedication to these proven techniques, you can rest assured that your furniture table has been crafted in its entirety by the finest of woodworking professionals.

Their precision rail tolerances and 100% natural gum rubber cushions deliver the rebound accuracy demanded by tournament professionals.

They engineer their "Sure Shot" natural gum rubber rail system with both a professional control fabric and an acceleration arch.

They use only the finest quality wood stain finishes to bring out the natural warmth and beauty in every piece of wood.



Foosball Buffalo

You're missing out if you don't have a foosball table in your game room.

The best way to keep the entire family entertained is with a high-quality, long lasting foosball table. If you're looking for something that will offer many years of fun and relaxation check out what we have to offer! Bring the fun home.


Air Hockey

Air Hockey Buffalo

Another great game room addition you can get is an Air Hockey Table! This sport takes good hand-eye coordination, speed skills and quick thinking.

A perfect game for the whole family! You can create a lifetime of memories with your family playing on an Air Hockey Table.


Ping Pong Tables

Ping Pong Tables Buffalo

Ping pong tables are ideal for people looking to sharpen their reflex skills, play recreational or competitive games, or relax with friends while playing. They can provide hours of fun for the whole family, and a good solid table tennis table should last you for years.

Bring your friends and family members together with the ultimate game of ping pong.


Arcade Games

Arcade Games Buffalo

It's game time. Bring the fun to your basement or rec room with our multi-game arcade consoles, loaded with arcade classics and modern favorites.

Take it back to the '80s and revisit your rivalry with the aliens from Space Invaders, then take your scores to new heights with virtual cocktail and countertop consoles.

When it comes to our indoor recreation inspiration and selection, Recreational Warehouse has all the fun (and games, too).


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