Patio Umbrellas Buffalo NY


Market Umbrellas

patio umbrellas buffalo

Choose from our selection of aluminum market umbrellas in 7', 9' and 11' octagon as well as 6 ½'x10' and 8'x10' rectangle with button tilt as well as auto tilt features. Also available are classic wooden pole and spoke double pulley 9' market umbrellas, plus cantilever umbrellas as well.

Cantilever Umbrellas

patio umbrellas buffalo

Our 11', 13' and 10'x13' Cantilever umbrellas are packed with features and function. They provide an abundant amount of shade for lounging, dining and seating sets. They not only provide an area of shade, but also tilts from left to right and front to back, making sure that you can provide shade where you want it when you want it. It has a heavy-duty aluminum frame and 200-pound sand filled base that is conveniently located off to one side supporting the massive canopy without getting in the way. This umbrella can provide shade just like an awning without the cost and gives you to versatility to have sun or shade when desired.

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