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Stay Warm this Winter

gas fireplace buffalo

Recreational Warehouse carries a large variety of gas and electric fireplaces that will keep your home nice and toasty throughout the winter. Tired of dealing with the mess and labor of burning wood in your fireplace? Recreational Warehouse can convert your wood burning fireplace to a gas burning fireplace allowing for an easier and more convenient heat source that will also add lasting beauty to your home. Don't have a wood burning fireplace? Recreational Warehouse sells gas and electric fireplaces that can be recessed into a wall or have a wooden mantle surround that can be pushed up against a wall. Recreational Warehouse has its own team of in-house technicians who have several years of experience installing gas fireplaces and can run gas lines to where you want your gas fireplace. Stop by our showroom today to see our large selection of gas and electric fireplaces on display!

Ventless Gas Logs

gas fireplace buffalo

If you are looking for an affordable, attractive, and easy to use hearth product, a set of ventless gas logs is a great choice and will add a wealth of heat to your home. Save money and time as ventless gas log sets are very simple and convenient to use and burn 99.9% efficient, so for every $1 of gas you are receiving $0.999 in heat. Recreational Warehouse carries a variety of realistic and trendy designs so you can find the perfect log set for your home. Stop by our showroom today to see all our units on display.

Installed in a traditional masonry or listed factory-built fireplace designed for wood burning, ventless gas logs operate with the fireplace damper closed, which allows all the heat to stay in the room and not go up the chimney. Choose from a wide variety of amazing realistic wood styles, including driftwood, oak, weathered oak, maple, pine, aspen, birch, split logs, and many others.

Ventless gas logs typically come in 3 different sizes. To know which size will fit your fireplace best please see the minimum fireplace measurements guide below


  • 18”: 26”w x 17”h x 13”d
  • 24”: 29”w x 17”h x 13”d
  • 30”: 33”w x 17”h x 13”d

Recreational Warehouse can deliver and professionally install for a fee.

If you do not have a gas line going to your fireplace Recreational Warehouse can run a gas line for a fee.

Gas Fireplace

gas fireplace buffalo

Ventless Gas Fireplace

With a ventless gas fireplace, enjoying the warmth and beauty of a fire has never been easier. Attractiveness and convenience come standard with any ventless gas fireplace which features a striking realistic log set, firebox, blower fan, and choice of exquisite traditional or decorative facing. Available in a millivolt (remote ready) control valve for those who want to customize their installation choices.

Ventless gas fireplaces look just like traditional fireplaces, but are available in full-size or compact models. Because there is no chimney or vent, they can be installed against or into any interior or external wall at a fraction of the cost of a traditional fireplace installation.

These fireplaces can fit in a corner, serve as an open room divider, be located under a viewing window, or be placed in any other spot where there is access to a gas line. Recent hearth innovations include mini fireplaces for virtually any room in the home; an extremely efficient infrared ember bed that produces high heat output from low gas input; a fully automatic remote control providing instant ignition as well as precise control of thermostatic heating level, timer feature and a flow rate from 8,000 to 40,000 BTU per hour.



Vented Gas Fireplace

If you are looking for a primary heat source and do not have a wood burning fireplace a vented gas fireplace is a great option. Vent gas fireplaces come with a wooden mantle surround which can be push up against a wall or the metal insert can be purchased and recessed into a wall. Vented gas fireplaces include a standard vent kit. The following is included in a standard vent kit.

  • 3” - 15” Adjustable Pipe
  • 6” Pipe
  • 90˚ Elbow
  • Wall Thimble
  • Hi-Wind Termination Cap


Gas Stoves

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Ventless Gas Stoves

Design to imitate the design of a classic wood burning stove these gas stoves operate the same as a vent-free gas fireplace and produce the same quality of heat. Ventless gas stoves are perfect for someone who is looking for a supplemental heat source that gives off a lot of heat for a room.

They are easily mistaken for wood stoves, but cost considerably less to install and operate. Ventless gas stove requires no flue, no hole in the ceiling or wall, no wood to chop and haul, no soot, and no ashes to cleanup.


Vented Gas Stoves

Vented gas stoves are perfect for someone who is looking for a primary heat source that they can run 24 hours a day seven days a week. Providing the same appearance and design as a ventless gas stove, a vented gas stove will add timeless beauty to your home.

Recreational Warehouse can deliver and professionally install for a fee.

If you do not have a gas line in your fireplace Recreational Warehouse can run a gas line for a fee.


Gas Insert

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Direct Vent Gas Inserts

Direct vent gas inserts are perfect for retrofit application into an existing wood burning fireplace to add beauty and value. The insert features a unique burner that produces natural flickering flames that dance and delight along with hand painted fiber ceramic log set that will warm any evening. Perfect as a primary heat source direct vent inserts can operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


Ventless Gas Inserts

Turn an old wood burning fireplace into a beautiful highly efficient heat source with a vent-free gas insert. Our gorgeous vent-free gas inserts will contribute beautiful finished look to your fireplace and maximize heat efficiency without the high cost of construction or renovations. Featuring hand painted ceramic logs, a realistic flickering flame, faux brick liner and a stylish black trim to complete a clean look that will be sure to impress.

A ventless gas fireplace insert is easily installed within existing masonry or factory-built fireplaces. Inserts deliver the unbeatable heating efficiency of ventless gas logs, but some also offer a blower for improved heat distribution.

Recreational Warehouse can deliver and professionally install for a fee.

If you do not have a gas line in your fireplace Recreational Warehouse can run a gas line for a fee.


Electric Fireplaces

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Electric inserts

Electric inserts are perfect for providing a supplemental heat source while also adding beauty to your home. The inserts feature a realistic faux set of logs and a realistic looking flame to imitate a real fire. The infrared heater works on an adjustable thermostat allowing you to lock in the perfect temperature for your room. The electric inserts are sold by themselves or in a beautiful wood surround that features a shelf above the unit with a hole in the back, perfect for cable boxes or DVD players making the cabinet perfect as a TV stand.


Linear Fireplaces

Create year-round ambiance in any room in your home with an electric linear fireplace. Choose a design to match your style with wall mount or built-in mounting options. Linear fireplaces feature thermostatic control, variety of LED flame color options and under light colors, and a timer function all controlled by a handheld remote.

Recreational Warehouse can professionally assemble and deliver for a fee.

Glass Fireplace Doors

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Glass Doors for Masonry Fireplaces

Stoll offers fireplace glass doors in a broad selection of styles and finishes to accent your fireplace and fit your décor. Designs range from simple to ornate; antique to modern. Select from a palette of colors and metal finishes in endless combinations. Optional Stoll decorative design elements add interest and dimension to personalize your doors.


Fireplace Refacing

A complete renovation with one, easy-to-install step.

Every Stoll ReFaceTM is unique; engineered to completely cover your wood or gas manufactured fireplace by custom-sizing the frame and the louvers to fit perfectly. You can design your own unique ReFace from our selection of styles, colors, finishes and options. The result will be a complete make-over that suits your taste and fits your fireplace perfectly.


Glass Doors for Zero Clearance (ZC) Fireplaces

Stoll offers high quality Glass Doors for Zero Clearance (ZC) Fireplaces as an upgrade replacement to OEM doors or screens and are known for their quality, style, and durability. With five collections to choose from, there are limitless ways to replace your stock “factory-built” doors with a top-quality fireplace enclosure.

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